Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Last Sunday my family and I were going for lunch when we found this little stray kitten on our doorstep. It was so tiny, soaking wet and completely neglected. It couldn't really see very well as it had an infection in its eyes. The boys are complete animal lovers and I, while not being a cat lover, can't handle seeing any animal in distress.

We brought the kitten into our house, fed and bathed it and then decided to put the word out in the locality in case someone lost their kitten. To be honest we would have been very slow in handing it back to any person that claimed the kitten as it was so malnourished and neglected.

After a trip to our local vet we gained more info about the little one. It's a little girl, she's about 8 weeks old, has a belly full of worms and was infested with fleas.....vomit! She also has cat flu which is why her eyes are weeping so much. She has been worm and flea treated and is now on antibiotic drops. There's a major improvement after just one day.

One major concern of ours was our dog Roxy. She is a massive part of our lives and from the start we could see she was very upset at having a cat in the house. She was acting very territorial and was even put out with us for petting the little kitten. She was constantly growling and licking her lips which was worrying. Things have improved though and Roxy in particular is much more at ease. They were even playing a little earlier on.

I would like to thank all my followers on twitter and Instagram for the advice and suggestions on how to care for a sick little kitten. With it being New Years we were really in a bit of a pickle!

Today we got supplies from a pet shop. A litter tray, some food and a scratching pole so the furniture won't get destroyed and we are hoping that we can work around keeping her. Although she was already ours for keeps the minute named her!

So let me introduce to you all the newest member of the Hill family........Boo!

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