Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My Birthday!

So my birthday is nearly over. Well, by the time this is posted it probably is over! I had a fantastic day today. Even though I am a little freaked out about turning 31. It sounds so old!

It actually really started off fantastic at the weekend when I went out to see a gig with my friend Brid to see one of my favourite bands Le Galaxie. (Check them out!)

Yesterday I received my new iPhone 5, compliments of my husband Alan! I'm I love with it. It is so much lighter than the older version. I'm definitely going to have to buy a cover for it as I've nearly dropped it a couple of times already! The camera is amazing too. Can't wait to use it to keep track of my fashion diary for Instagram and the blog.

I had to work today but it was a lovely easy day at work with loads of treats and presents. I received gorgeous earrings from a friend and another friend took me out for lunch. After work my husband surprised me with dinner in my favourite Italian. I have him well trained! I'm going to continue my celebrations over the next 2 weeks as some of my friends couldn't make last weekend so plenty of fun times to be had yet!

Today's outfit I kept minty and clean. I've noticed that I'm definitely layering up as its getting colder but I'm not ready to put away my pastel denims just yet!

Denims, Tops & Heels - Zara
Blazer - River Island
Clutch - Primark

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