Monday, 14 January 2013

Heavenly Waves

I wasn't really blown away with the hairstyles from the Golden Globes last night or the Critics Choice awards a couple of days ago. It was a little bit blah and boring. There was however a huge trend following through all the awards so far. Deep parting with waves. While it is such a classic glamourous look and totally suitable for any awards ceremony, I was praying for someone to really go for something a bit edgier and blow them all out of the water! There was a few actresses that looked divine and went for something slightly different but it still had a waved style.

Here are my favourites from the Golden Globes.

Michelle Dockery, from the drama Dowton Abbey, has recently cut up her hair in a cropped bob style. It's such a bold change and I adored the waves in her hair. It was classic with a little edge to it.

Amy Adams sent me to hair heaven with her gorgeous textured finger waved updo. The side bun really worked this style to make it more interesting. I really thought she was perfection from head to toe.

Jessica Chastain has the best hair I've ever seen on a red carpet. You know by the look of it that it's in excellent condition and her colour is luminous. Even though I really thought that the style was very classic, I also felt that it was quite different as I haven't really seen it on the red carpet before. Definitely a winner for me.

Naomi Watts hair was to die for. I was able to see a close up when she was being interviewed and as you know I'm a hairstylist I can tell you her hairdresser is a genius. There wasn't a hair out of place and it was smooth and silky. Definitely the best I've seen at an awards show to date.

Even though these women were beautiful looking and they're hair was great, I felt that everyone else was a little boring and I'm hoping that there's a mad rush to the salons for last minute changes before the Oscars next month!

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