Monday, 7 May 2012

My Daily Hair Routine

Someone asked me the other day what I use in my hair as it had grown so long and looked really healthy. It's all down the right products for you. Just because one product suits my hair doesn't mean that it will suit yours. I have really fine hair that gets quite oily and it's quite processed from high lighting. Yes people I'm a natural brunette. I use a lot of Paul Mitchell hair care products as I stock these in my salon and after years of trying all kinds of brands I genuinely think that this brand is the best on the market. I use Shampoo 2 to wash it. It's a clarifying shampoo so it removes oil build-up without over stimulating the sebaceous glands, i.e it gets less greasy! It also keeps my blonde nice and bright. To condition I use Detangler. It's a rich conditioner but not too heavy. It makes my hair feel silky every wash. After I towel dry my hair I use Super Strength Treatment Spray. This is the holy grail of all hair products and it is a must for all hair types. It strengthens hair by 60% after one go. It's not a leave in conditioner so it doesn't weigh down hair or make it oily. If your growing your hair you need this product! These three products along with a monthly treatment and 8 week trims has made my hair grow down super quick!

Paul Mitchell Hair Care - Kopper Hair Studio,


  1. yes yes yes!! its a miracle product,a must-have for luscious locks! x

  2. Love Paul Mitchell you have me hooked the serum i bought two years ago is still not gone and i use it every time i wash my hair!