Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dutch Braid

This week I taking part in a hair dare by the amazing Australian blogger Fox In Flats where you wear your hair in a different style every day for seven days in a row. This is a great way get out of those style ruts and to try something new. To be honest I'm partial to a boring ponytail even though I'm a hairstylist and should make more of an effort. I actually have a confession to make.....I hate getting my hair done. I hate washing it, having blowdryed and even getting it coloured. I can think of better ways to spend my time! So no excuses for me not joining in in hair dare week.

For my first day I decided on an easy braid style. A lot of people really like and complimented me on Instagram where I first posted the photo. Many people asked me how I achieved this look so I decided to do a mini photo tutorial.

I started with a deep side parting and started to braid. I did a Dutch braid style which is basically a French braid done the opposite way. Instead of bringing section over and into the middle I brought them underneath. I continued going around the head and braided it down the opposite side. I then slightly pulled out sections of the braid to give it a chunky look as I have very fine hair. I secured the end with a go-go and then I secured it to the opposite side from where I started.

Some products I find really helpful when doing this style is Batiste XXL dry shampoo spray. I love this product and it's especially useful when hair is silky. I also find that curling the ends makes it easier to braid and stops the straighter bits sticking out.

I hope this little tutorial helps and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me! X

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  1. Hey Sabby,
    I love that you've joined in with this dare - and it makes me laugh that you hate having your hair done (me too!)

    I might try this look this week, my hair is super fine, and the braiding tip sounds like its worth a try! xxx A