Monday, 15 October 2012

It's Tights Season!

The best thing about Autumn is layering up. Tights are a must especially if I want to keep wearing my summer skirts and shorts for another few weeks. Tights are a great and inexpensive way of creating a new look. Over the coming months you will see that I'm still wearing a lot of my summer skirts and shorts but I'm wearing them with a pair of bright or printed tights. Many people often comment that I must go shopping all the time because I seem to have new outfits in every blog/instagram post but the truth is I'm a hoarder! I never throw any clothes away....ever. (I have a great dressmaker!) But by accessorising your old clothes with a new belt or, like this post, with a new pair of funky tights you can make any outfit new and totally on trend.
I always go hosiery shopping around September as I find that all the best pairs sell out in my size very quickly. There are so many different colours and prints to choose from. I really into printed tights at the moment like the ones in the picture below. This printed pair are from River Island and weren't cheap at €10. However I fell in love and had to get them! The coloured and the over the knee effect tights are both from Primark and were only €3 each. I am a bargain queen after all!

Please feel free to ask for information on any specific items of clothing in these pictures.


  1. I love All the looks and you already know which one is my fave ;) now following your blog via GFC, Check mine out!


  2. Love every look of this post!! :)
    Is the dotted shirt from H&M?


  3. Wow, gorgeous tights and awesome looks!
    love your style dear, how would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and GFC?