Monday, 15 October 2012

It's Tights Season!

The best thing about Autumn is layering up. Tights are a must especially if I want to keep wearing my summer skirts and shorts for another few weeks. Tights are a great and inexpensive way of creating a new look. Over the coming months you will see that I'm still wearing a lot of my summer skirts and shorts but I'm wearing them with a pair of bright or printed tights. Many people often comment that I must go shopping all the time because I seem to have new outfits in every blog/instagram post but the truth is I'm a hoarder! I never throw any clothes away....ever. (I have a great dressmaker!) But by accessorising your old clothes with a new belt or, like this post, with a new pair of funky tights you can make any outfit new and totally on trend.
I always go hosiery shopping around September as I find that all the best pairs sell out in my size very quickly. There are so many different colours and prints to choose from. I really into printed tights at the moment like the ones in the picture below. This printed pair are from River Island and weren't cheap at €10. However I fell in love and had to get them! The coloured and the over the knee effect tights are both from Primark and were only €3 each. I am a bargain queen after all!

Please feel free to ask for information on any specific items of clothing in these pictures.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Feeling Furry

I love autumn fashion. Here in Ireland I always feel I'm tricked into buying loads of summer clothes, hoping that we are going to have a fantastic beautiful sunny few months. Of course this never rarely happens and we are left with rainy, unpredictable weather and loads if skimpy skirts and shorts left hanging in my wardrobe. So when September and October comes I'm delighted to start layering up with knitwear and tights. One look I love and I've seen it quite a lot on Instagram, is fur waistcoats and jackets. I've been searching for a nice one but any I have found are either too tacky or its the wrong colour. I decided to improvise and use a fur scarf that I borrowed from my mother ( she's never getting it back!) and tie a thick leather belt around my waist. I think it looks pretty cool but my search will continue until I find my perfect fur jacket!

Scarf - Vintage
Skirt - Topshop
Boots & Top - River Island
Clutch - Furla

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My Birthday!

So my birthday is nearly over. Well, by the time this is posted it probably is over! I had a fantastic day today. Even though I am a little freaked out about turning 31. It sounds so old!

It actually really started off fantastic at the weekend when I went out to see a gig with my friend Brid to see one of my favourite bands Le Galaxie. (Check them out!)

Yesterday I received my new iPhone 5, compliments of my husband Alan! I'm I love with it. It is so much lighter than the older version. I'm definitely going to have to buy a cover for it as I've nearly dropped it a couple of times already! The camera is amazing too. Can't wait to use it to keep track of my fashion diary for Instagram and the blog.

I had to work today but it was a lovely easy day at work with loads of treats and presents. I received gorgeous earrings from a friend and another friend took me out for lunch. After work my husband surprised me with dinner in my favourite Italian. I have him well trained! I'm going to continue my celebrations over the next 2 weeks as some of my friends couldn't make last weekend so plenty of fun times to be had yet!

Today's outfit I kept minty and clean. I've noticed that I'm definitely layering up as its getting colder but I'm not ready to put away my pastel denims just yet!

Denims, Tops & Heels - Zara
Blazer - River Island
Clutch - Primark

My New Addiction

I recently discovered Forever 21 on a girls trip to Dublin. I am absolutely addicted. The clothes are amazing, the jewellery divine and all at such a low price! So now I know they're sizing its easier for me to order online. I never got the chance to try on their denims so if any of you could let me know the type of fit they are I'd be so grateful!

This skirt was a total bargain at only€12! It has a divine leather trim on the waist and a long sheer outer layer over a bodycon skirt. Even though its very cheap it's great quality and has washed well!

Skirt - Forever 21
Top - River Island
Heels - Zara
Clutch & Cuff - Primark