Monday, 31 December 2012

Thank you!

When I first set up my Instagram account and blog earlier this year it was only for fun and I really didn't know how popular it was going to become! It was something I started when I became ill and was recuperating after surgery. I had no idea how many like minded people there are out there in the world and to be honest I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going with it. I really am thankful for all the support from my followers and fellow bloggers. Some of you have become great inspiration to me.

A special thanks to Happy Wrist and Solmade who I've been working with over the last year with their beautiful jewellery lines. They're pieces are amazing and I totally love every moment of working with them.

Below are some pics of my favourite outfits of 2012, a beautiful skull bracelet/belt from Solmade and a divine link bracelet from Happy Wrist. Both have Etsy stores!

I really hope you all have a fantastic new year and that 2013 will be a happy, healthy and prosperous year for all of us!

Loads of love,
Sabby X

Sunday, 30 December 2012


Love love love my new dress from Topshop! I wore it on a night out with my girlies to see one of my favourite bands Le Galaxie perform in The Pavillion in Cork. I think this is my favourite dress of all time. That is of course until I buy my next one!

Dress - Topshop
Shoes - Dune

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Specky four eyes!

After continuous headaches, permanent frowning that even Botox was becoming immune to and the little situation where I got into an argument with the hubby on whether we needed new TV or not as I felt the screen was all blurry and of course my refusal to even consider it was my eyes were the problem, led me to make an appointment with an optician. I was still in complete denial when I walked through the doors of Optical Express in Mahon Point Cork who I highly recommend. And so I find myself seated and resting my chin on a machine where I was asked to read letters in the distance. This is where my denial started diminishing and I realised that indeed I do have an eyesight problem and I have only one thought on my mind. It's not about the thought of having to wear glasses, the fact it may get worse or even it that I'm really starting to show my true age and admit to myself that I'm now really in my thirties (shhhhhhhh!). No it was none of these. It was the thought of having to go home and apologise to my husband over the little disagreement over the fuzzy TV!!! I hate admitting defeat!

There are three plus sides to this little fiasco. Number one, I am now seeing the world as it really should be which is absolutely amazing. I guess only someone who had been in this same situation would only know. Everything is more defined and I am no longer looking through a haze. Number two, I now look a whole lot smarter. It may only be in my mind but I swear that guy in the electrical store took me way more serious when I was enquiring about toasters the other day. I'm putting it down to the specs! And finally and the the most important plus side to all of this is that I get to go shopping! I'm one of these freaky people that all hats and glasses suit me so I was in spectacle heaven when I was choosing my new eyewear. It was between the retro Ray Ban or cat eyed Dolce Gabanna. I went with the Ray Ban as its my first pair and I don't want to scare people with my eccentric taste but I give it a month and ill be back for the other pair!

Drowning in sequins!

My friend Lisa Roberts seriously came to my rescue this Christmas. This seriously glam diva is the owner of the most amazing boutique Verso in Douglas that stocks divine brands such as French Connection, Lipsy, Guess, Vero Moda and Hybrid to name a few. Lisa along with Vivienne also owns The Dress Bar in Cork city that stocks the most amazing dresses and accessories for all occasions for hire. Amazing idea if you want to look amazing for that big occasion! And even better still they do all the dry cleaning...sweet!

I was so mentally crazy with work this year that there was no way I could manage to get out of the salon to get some fabulous outfits for my Christmas nights out. Along came my fashionable miracle diva with a bag full of Verso goodies to keep me looking glam for Christmas! Lisa is definitely a girl that I could trust to pick out a whole outfit for me. She has the most amazing eye for style and fashion.

I haven't had a chance to wear all her pieces yet so you will be seeing further outfit posts in the very near future. This sequin skirts is one of my absolute favourites and was a huge hit on Instagram when I posted it earlier. It's almost like balayage they way the colours blend into each other and is an amazing statement piece. It can be totally dressed up or down too. I'm a huge fan of sequins at night but team it with a denim shirt over a plain black t-shirt for a cool casual look. I've worn it with a white Zara shirt, black opaque tights and killer heels from River Island.

Check Verso Douglas out on Facebook and Twitter. Also The Dress Bar Cork on Facebook and Twitter.

Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone! I know I've been MIA for the last few months and I totally apologise for that. I promise I won't do it again, hehe! First of all I want to wish all my family, friends and followers a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. I hope your Christmas was as fantastic as mine!

I got lovely presents from my family for Christmas. My husband bought me the most beautiful love ring from Fiona Turley's Craft Gallery in Kilworth. My brother and his fiancé gave me the most beautiful Orla Kiely kitchenware from the same craft gallery. You should all check her out online. My only problem now is trying to stay away from the place or else I will be broke! AAron was so delighted with what Santa Claus has brought him. Just seeing his face light up on Christmas morning made me want to cry with happiness. And anyone that knows me knows I never cry! I have taken a few days off from the salon around Christmas to spend time with my friends and family as they always give out that I don't rest enough but it's going way too fast.

From October onwards is a crazy time for me in the salon. It was super crazy this year, for which I'm so grateful. We were very busy in the salon with weddings and party hair. And of course balayage was huge this year too. I was barely able to keep up with Instagram so the poor blog got put to the side. It is my New Years resolution to keep up with the blog and hopefully some very exciting things may also be in the pipeline! So watch this space!

Some photos of the highlights of my Christmas!

Monday, 15 October 2012

It's Tights Season!

The best thing about Autumn is layering up. Tights are a must especially if I want to keep wearing my summer skirts and shorts for another few weeks. Tights are a great and inexpensive way of creating a new look. Over the coming months you will see that I'm still wearing a lot of my summer skirts and shorts but I'm wearing them with a pair of bright or printed tights. Many people often comment that I must go shopping all the time because I seem to have new outfits in every blog/instagram post but the truth is I'm a hoarder! I never throw any clothes away....ever. (I have a great dressmaker!) But by accessorising your old clothes with a new belt or, like this post, with a new pair of funky tights you can make any outfit new and totally on trend.
I always go hosiery shopping around September as I find that all the best pairs sell out in my size very quickly. There are so many different colours and prints to choose from. I really into printed tights at the moment like the ones in the picture below. This printed pair are from River Island and weren't cheap at €10. However I fell in love and had to get them! The coloured and the over the knee effect tights are both from Primark and were only €3 each. I am a bargain queen after all!

Please feel free to ask for information on any specific items of clothing in these pictures.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Feeling Furry

I love autumn fashion. Here in Ireland I always feel I'm tricked into buying loads of summer clothes, hoping that we are going to have a fantastic beautiful sunny few months. Of course this never rarely happens and we are left with rainy, unpredictable weather and loads if skimpy skirts and shorts left hanging in my wardrobe. So when September and October comes I'm delighted to start layering up with knitwear and tights. One look I love and I've seen it quite a lot on Instagram, is fur waistcoats and jackets. I've been searching for a nice one but any I have found are either too tacky or its the wrong colour. I decided to improvise and use a fur scarf that I borrowed from my mother ( she's never getting it back!) and tie a thick leather belt around my waist. I think it looks pretty cool but my search will continue until I find my perfect fur jacket!

Scarf - Vintage
Skirt - Topshop
Boots & Top - River Island
Clutch - Furla

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My Birthday!

So my birthday is nearly over. Well, by the time this is posted it probably is over! I had a fantastic day today. Even though I am a little freaked out about turning 31. It sounds so old!

It actually really started off fantastic at the weekend when I went out to see a gig with my friend Brid to see one of my favourite bands Le Galaxie. (Check them out!)

Yesterday I received my new iPhone 5, compliments of my husband Alan! I'm I love with it. It is so much lighter than the older version. I'm definitely going to have to buy a cover for it as I've nearly dropped it a couple of times already! The camera is amazing too. Can't wait to use it to keep track of my fashion diary for Instagram and the blog.

I had to work today but it was a lovely easy day at work with loads of treats and presents. I received gorgeous earrings from a friend and another friend took me out for lunch. After work my husband surprised me with dinner in my favourite Italian. I have him well trained! I'm going to continue my celebrations over the next 2 weeks as some of my friends couldn't make last weekend so plenty of fun times to be had yet!

Today's outfit I kept minty and clean. I've noticed that I'm definitely layering up as its getting colder but I'm not ready to put away my pastel denims just yet!

Denims, Tops & Heels - Zara
Blazer - River Island
Clutch - Primark

My New Addiction

I recently discovered Forever 21 on a girls trip to Dublin. I am absolutely addicted. The clothes are amazing, the jewellery divine and all at such a low price! So now I know they're sizing its easier for me to order online. I never got the chance to try on their denims so if any of you could let me know the type of fit they are I'd be so grateful!

This skirt was a total bargain at only€12! It has a divine leather trim on the waist and a long sheer outer layer over a bodycon skirt. Even though its very cheap it's great quality and has washed well!

Skirt - Forever 21
Top - River Island
Heels - Zara
Clutch & Cuff - Primark

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Beetlejuice & Neon

My obsession for neon is still ongoing. If I had my own way I would be dressed head to toe. Okay not everyday! I'm planning on adding it to my winter outfits by wearing it with all black. But for now ill carry on mixing it with bright prints!

Blazer - Primark
Top - New Look
Denim - Warehouse
Heels - River Island


I love this top. It's a great length to wear with leggings. Not too long as I'm a midget! Not to short as nobody likes looking at camel toe! I got them in two colours, burgundy and grey, but now I want them in every colour. I teamed them with leather look leggings for this look.

Top - River Island
Leggings & Heels - Topshop

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Lady In Red

While looking back over different outfits I've worn over the last few weeks I've noticed that I'm wearing a lot more of the colour red. Until I kept a fashion diary I never noticed what colours I favoured or what suited me. I'm automatically drawn towards red clothing when I go into stores. I've seen a fab pair of red boots in Zara that are coming home with me the next time I'm in there!

All red items are Zara & Penny's

Happy Wrist

Check out this amazing new bracelet I ordered from Itchelita from Happy Wrist. Check her jewellery out on her Etsy store. I have a few of her pieces and each time I've recieved a package I've never been disapointed. I think this bracelet goes perfect with my new autumn jacket. I'm totally embracing the whole leather look that's been hitting the stores lately. Especially the part leather, part material look. I've seen a fabulous army jacket from Penny's that I'm definitely going to pick up soon.

Jacket - River Island

Bracelet -

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Super Duper Busy!

I must apologise for my lack of posting on the blog. I've been super busy at work. I've been on loads of courses and we had lots of weddings, debs and graduations coming into the salon. Here's some pictures of the work I have been doing over the last few weeks.

Ps. I promise to post lots of different outfits this week...pinky promise!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Snake Lady

I wonder will I ever get sick of wearing this blazer? I highly doubt it! I'm just so cross with myself for not purchasing it in every colour. It seems to go with everything I wear.

All clothing from Zara.
Shoes - River Island
Clutch - Penny's


I love this top so much. It was a total bargain buy from River Island about two years ago. I didn't wear it for ages as it didn't seem to go with anything in my wardrobe. This of course was a great excuse to go shopping!

All clothing from River Island.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Back To Basics

I love this dress. It's a totally basic dress in a fabulous colour and fit. Topshop always comes out on top for their basic t-shirts, dresses and skirts. This is definitely a style I'll be picking up in other colours for winter. Can't wait to wear them with bright tights!

Dress - Topshop
Shoes - Zara

Cheap & Cheerful

I was Penny's last week and I came across this gorgeous little skater skirt for €8. So I ended up getting them in a few different colours. At that price it would have been a sin not to!

Skirt - Penny's
Top & Shoes - Zara

Friday, 24 August 2012

White On Denim

I love this t-shirt from H&M. It has an amazing print and is quite floaty. I got loads of compliments the first time I wore it. I wore it with denims and my new white sandals.

Top - H&M
Denims - Topshop
Sandals - River Island


Alan and I decided to go to Belfast for Tennents Vital festival to see Black Keys and Foo Fighters. It was absolutely amazing. Dave Grohl is God, I'm sure of it! We decided to stay a few days to see the sights and also to do some shopping. (shopping was for me of course!) We have been up to Northern Ireland before as Alan used to race motorcycles but we have never been in Belfast city. It is a gorgeous city but we also drove up the coast to the Giants Causeway. Its breathtaking and I advice you all to go see it if you can! Here's a few pictures of our road trip!!