Monday, 28 January 2013

Hair Dare

I recently took part in hair dare week where I wore my hair in a different style every day for seven days in a row. The wonderful Austrailian blogger Andrea of Fox in Flats set out this dare to help all us lazy women who have a basic, quick and sometimes boring hairstyle that we always wear because it's convenient. Even as a hairdresser I am completely guilty of this! Rushing out the door to work with a ponytail flowing in the wind is an all too common occurrence with me!

Fox in Flats surveyed 150 women and of these a huge 77% mostly wore their hair in a ponytail! Does this sound familiar to you?

This was a great dare, even for me, to encourage us all out of our regular styles and I must say I picked up a few new tricks that I've incorporated in some of my clients updos over the last week or so! I did find it quite difficult towards the end of the week as I was heading away for the weekend and I was super busy at work trying to fit my clients in before I left. There were a few 6am styles that thankfully stayed up all day!

I have tried to do small picture tutorials of each style I did and I was astounded by the response I got, especially on my salon page on Facebook. It's definitely even made me rethink my whole approach to blogging and I'm going to concentrate a lot more on the hair side of things. Expect a lot more tutorials this year. Maybe even a few videos. Let me know what you think and also if you have any suggestions.

I know that I haven't covered tutorials on every style but I'm definitely going to post another few blogs on simple ways to do these so hold tight ladies, they're on the way! I'm also going to cover all the products I used as they're a must for making hair stay up.

Here's all the photos from hair dare week and also the web addressfor Fox in Flats should you like to participate in any of her style dares. Go on you know you want to!


  1. Love how you styled your hair!! :)

  2. hey,great hairstyles !!
    I first followed you on instagram (amazing feed!) and now found out you have a blog - really good to know that I can follow your great style here too :)

    come visit my blog! >

  3. Brilliant pics Sabby, and such great hairstyles. Thankyou for joining in with the Hare Dare! x Andrea