Tuesday, 15 January 2013


It's day 2 of hair dare and since I've received loads of positive feedback from my mini tutorial yesterday I've decided to continue and try to do tutorials on each style I do.

I'm super inspired by the hairstyles at the Golden Globes and we are recreating these looks on models over the next few days at work. I really liked the glam waves to the side which most actresses wore on the red carpet. I especially loved Nicole Richie and Megan Fox's hair. This style was worn by an awful lot of celebrities at the awards and after awhile I was screaming for someone to jump out of a limo with a really edgy updo! But it's such a glam look so I decided to wear my hair in similar fashion today for hair dare.

For my own look I started with a deep side parting. I then curled my hair all in the same direction. I curled all my hair in large sections. I curled my hair forward on the parting section. This gives a glamourous finger wave look if curled tighter but I was going for a smoother effect. I pinned these curls so they set. This helps the style to last longer. After they cool I take out the pins and then I start brushing with a bristle brush. Keep brushing until hair is smooth. The trick to this look is to continue brushing the hair until it all falls into one wave. I pinned one side behind my ear so it looks like the one shouldered look that a lot of the celebrities were wearing. I finished off with a spray of Semi di Lino Alfaparf hairspray for hold and shine.

Here are some photos of celebrities who inspired today's look and some of my own look.

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