Saturday, 6 October 2012

Feeling Furry

I love autumn fashion. Here in Ireland I always feel I'm tricked into buying loads of summer clothes, hoping that we are going to have a fantastic beautiful sunny few months. Of course this never rarely happens and we are left with rainy, unpredictable weather and loads if skimpy skirts and shorts left hanging in my wardrobe. So when September and October comes I'm delighted to start layering up with knitwear and tights. One look I love and I've seen it quite a lot on Instagram, is fur waistcoats and jackets. I've been searching for a nice one but any I have found are either too tacky or its the wrong colour. I decided to improvise and use a fur scarf that I borrowed from my mother ( she's never getting it back!) and tie a thick leather belt around my waist. I think it looks pretty cool but my search will continue until I find my perfect fur jacket!

Scarf - Vintage
Skirt - Topshop
Boots & Top - River Island
Clutch - Furla


  1. I love the way you belted the fur scarf. Cute color of pleated skirt.

  2. Great oufit! Looks just perfect together - good combination :) xx Nadine