Saturday, 29 December 2012

Specky four eyes!

After continuous headaches, permanent frowning that even Botox was becoming immune to and the little situation where I got into an argument with the hubby on whether we needed new TV or not as I felt the screen was all blurry and of course my refusal to even consider it was my eyes were the problem, led me to make an appointment with an optician. I was still in complete denial when I walked through the doors of Optical Express in Mahon Point Cork who I highly recommend. And so I find myself seated and resting my chin on a machine where I was asked to read letters in the distance. This is where my denial started diminishing and I realised that indeed I do have an eyesight problem and I have only one thought on my mind. It's not about the thought of having to wear glasses, the fact it may get worse or even it that I'm really starting to show my true age and admit to myself that I'm now really in my thirties (shhhhhhhh!). No it was none of these. It was the thought of having to go home and apologise to my husband over the little disagreement over the fuzzy TV!!! I hate admitting defeat!

There are three plus sides to this little fiasco. Number one, I am now seeing the world as it really should be which is absolutely amazing. I guess only someone who had been in this same situation would only know. Everything is more defined and I am no longer looking through a haze. Number two, I now look a whole lot smarter. It may only be in my mind but I swear that guy in the electrical store took me way more serious when I was enquiring about toasters the other day. I'm putting it down to the specs! And finally and the the most important plus side to all of this is that I get to go shopping! I'm one of these freaky people that all hats and glasses suit me so I was in spectacle heaven when I was choosing my new eyewear. It was between the retro Ray Ban or cat eyed Dolce Gabanna. I went with the Ray Ban as its my first pair and I don't want to scare people with my eccentric taste but I give it a month and ill be back for the other pair!

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  1. Wow, those glasses are just perfect for you :) xx