Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The good, the bad and the ugly..... Oscar Hair 2013!

I wasn't completely blown away by hairstyles at this years Oscar Awards but after the boring styles at the SAG's and Golden Globes it was a major improvement. At least there were some risks taken and these risks definitely worked out. I'll start with the list of my favourites.

Reese Witherspoon had the most stunning hair at this years awards. Now I know your all saying to yourselves wasn't she giving out about over the shoulder finger waves hairstyle at the last few awards? Well yes I was. I was on one hell of a rant too might I add but that was because it was bad versions of it. It was all very flat at the Golden Globes. There was no volume, way too much hairspray and nearly every actress had the exact same style. Reese absolutely nailed it, or should I say her hairstylist did! From a technical point of view this is an absolutely amazing piece of work. Reese has good hair but she doesn't have enough to make it that big. My guess is that there are clip in's added to create this look but they are matched perfectly. Also I love how the wave is styled quite high up in the mid lengths. While this is a little difficult to achieve for a good hairstylist, it's actually trying to make it last is the real problem. I'm well impressed with this hairstyle and so Reese is once again added to my best awards hair list. Jessica Chastain has gorgeous hair and this is the only thing that just about saved her from falling into the boring yawnsome list. Her hair was beautifully styled and I'm glad she didn't wear it to one side over her shoulder as there was no way she could compete with Reese. It was the perfect style to go with the look and I felt she was one of the best dressed ladies of the night. Her metallic dress was exquisite and the toffee colour matched her skin and hair colour perfectly. A winner for me.

I loved that quite a few actresses wore their hair up. I adore updos but it can go horribly wrong sometimes. Thankfully there were only a few icky ones and most got it right! Naomi Watts style was very soft from the front. I loved it as it didn't look like it was overdone with product. I also liked that even though it was all swept back there was an ever so slight parting in the left hand side which kept the look even softer. Amy Adams can do no wrong with her hair this whole awards season. She stole the show for me at the Golden Globes but for the Oscars she kept it extremely simple and a lot smoother. She needed to go this way with all the ruffles going on with her exquisite gown. I know a lot of people felt she looked 'undone' but I think it was a total appropriate style for the over all look otherwise she would be heading for poodle territory. Jessica Lawerence really didn't do it for me with her dress choice. I personally thought the end of her dress was too big....she did trip up the steps after all! She very nearly didn't do it for me with her hair but because she took a risk she also just about climbs to the bottom of my best awards hair list. I love the twists back from the front and the low chignon at the back but I really felt that someone was a little heavy handed with the can of hairspray. In photos it looks fine but while watching it live on TV last night it looked slightly crispy. A total pet hate of mine! I totally predict this style being a winner with brides this year.

Now for the bad and this won't be nice! Anne Hathaway looked like a soccer mom. She completely aged herself a decade with this style. It's way too heavy at the front and her hairline is too structured for this style. All she needed was more product to take the settled look from it. Kirsten Stewert just looked like she couldn't be bothered. Her hair looked like it couldn't make up its mind if it wanted to be straight or waved and to be honest it just looked greasy. In fact she just looks like she needs scrub full stop! We have seen her with fantastic hair in Twilight so there's no excuse. Her updo for the marriage between Bella and Edward was the most requested upstyle by brides in my salon last year. And lastly Jennifer Aniston. What was she thinking going on the red carpet with her boring hair. She wore a spectacular dress that wasn't black and then decided she would just blowdry her hair. I can say no more on the yawnsome hairstyle of hers other than she must have ugly ears as she seems to continuously want to hide them! I could go on with my list but these were the worst offenders and I want to comment more on the good than the bad.

I'm definitely going to recreate some of these looks really soon and blog about them. Some are quite easy to recreate yourself at home. Also I will be involved in a shoot really soon where we will be doing Oscar makeovers so more on that really soon!


  1. reese looks fantastic and the 3rd hairstyle is freakin awesome. can you tell me how i can bump my hair like this in a ponytail ?

  2. As a stylist with 47 yrs. experience, I have never seen so many ugly hair styles at one event. Short, chopped, flat hair is rarely flattering on anyone. The last person to pull it off was Twiggy. Come on, girls, the I-just-got-out-of-bed-hair has had it's 15 minutes of fame. Time to revisit some beautiful classic styles.